Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

My mom and I

Today, is the birthday of a genuinely amazing woman who has inspired me on a daily basis to be a better version of myself.I have thought long and hard as I wrote and re-wrote this close to what I think is about a thousand times.

So this is an open letter about how fortunate I am to have you in my life these past 31 years. I am honored to have such an amazing mom, best friend, and role model.

I don’t need to say this just on your birthday because you deserve to hear every day, but I just can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me and the entire family.

Your love and support means everything to all of us and I would not be the strong confident and beautiful woman I am today if it weren’t for you.

Thank you for being my inspiration in more ways than one. You never fail to amaze me. Your heart is bigger than the world and watching you show your love and support to my father, my siblings and I is truly inspiring. You are a truly beautiful person inside and out.

You have raised me to become who I am today and there are no words to describe how thankful I am to call you my mother. Thank you for going out of your way to make sure everyone is happy.

You are definitely the coolest mom out there. You’re also a ton of fun to be around, and I’m honored to consider you one of my best friends, not just my mother.

You always light up a room when you walk in, putting a smile on everybody’s face.Your jokes and cheerful demeanor is much appreciated by all.

Plus I love the way you are so confident when presenting your products with work, seeing how passionate and proud of what you’re selling, you really know your stuff. You always extend a helping hand and go out of your way to make sure everyone is happy. You are honestly a real super woman!

Thank you for being my number one inspiration and role model. You were a hard-working mother from the day I was born you always took care of us when we were sick, it’s not easy to manage two girls and a boy.

You successfully managed work, three crazy kids, Lots of meetings for me, and making sure we were fed and taken care of, without any complaints. That truly deserves a gold medal.

I will always love and appreciate and admire the selfless way in which you do things for others, prioritizing everyone else above your self and are always willing to step aside when the need arose.

Growing up I never understood what you went through, but now as a young adults I am truly thankful for all of those countless sleepless nights you worried about me and who I’d be someday, the only thing I hope for is to be half the amazing woman you are, and someday half the loving amazing and supportive mother you are.

Thank you for all of your sacrifices that you’ve given up to raise me and my siblings into the amazing adults we are today.

I know I haven’t always been easy going and I know that raising me wasn’t always a walk in the park but watching you stand up for me and look out for me has truly inspired me.

So, let me take this occasion to apologize to you for times I unintentionally caused you pain, please forgive me.

Also, I’m thankful for all you did for me and rest of the family members. You are simply great and I respect you and how you have lived your life unapologetically!

I love the open and honest relationship that you share with all your children.

You and dad have been phenomenal parents in accepting our choices without any bias and developing your own healthy equations with our extended families.

I am a lucky woman and I have become who I am for all the effort and dedication you had in my upbringing. My life has been very blessed because you have always been with me, giving me your love and support.

I have learned everything from you because I value what you have followed me down the right path, but all the best teaching you have gave me through your example.

Freyja gave me the blessing of being your daughter and you have managed to exercise your role as a mother in an excellent manner.

Having you with me makes me feel an enormous happiness and even more because I know that as the years go by your love for me only grows.

On this special day I want you to remember how important you are to me.

From my experience with you, mom, being a year older doesn’t not only mean addition of age but accumulation of more prosperities as well as abundant achievements.

I also learned this great lesson from you that I should never relent from making progress. Age is not waiting for anyone.

Each day brings about fresh opportunity to make new impact in life but it’s very easier to misuse it.

While it’s cumbersome to make proper use of the opportunity to make a brilliant impact.

Thanks to you my strong mother as you have taught and trained me in the best way to be positive in utilizing every opportunity that comes to my way.

“It’s not easy being a mother. If it were easy, fathers would do it.”— Dorothy on The Golden Girls

Irish Queen