If Rittenhouse Walks It’ll Be Open Season For White Supremacists On our Streets

I swear, sometimes it seems like people don’t even pause for a second to consider the consequences of their choices. I’m not talking about basic things like adding a serving of vegetables to every meal (though people should do that too). No, I’m talking about idiots holding seats of power who make abysmally idiotic choices on a regular basis.

It seems like our Supreme Court gets every single decision wrong. Even when it comes to flat out basic ideas that should be no-brainers for law students on their first day of class. The people occupying the Supreme Court are supposed to be the best of the best, yet every time they get into the spotlight they reveal themselves to be absolute FOOLS!

Those decisions trickle down, and now we’re in a situation where a 17 year old kid allegedly walked around the streets of Kenosha and allegedly killed two people. I’m saying “allegedly” because the case is still at trial. He’s claiming self-defense, but let’s pause for a moment and take a macroscopic look at this.

Do we really want to live in a society where frustrated individuals feel emboldened to buy military grade weapons and march around our city streets shooting people? What’s the best case result in that scenario? The best thing that can happen is that the people go home without shooting anyone. That’s the TOP! Anything else that might happen is a tragedy.

Just pause for a minute, I’m begging you, pause and consider what kind of a world it would be if yet another court emboldens yet more frustrated people to buy guns and become armed vigilantes. Will that end well? Do we want that? Just shut up about your rights and your sacred beliefs and consider the potential loss of life. We don’t have to live in that world. It’s a bad world. It’s an ugly world.

All the conservatives I know want to kill people

If you ever have the misfortune of talking to a conservative, it doesn’t take long for them to bluster about how they want to kill people. First they start blustering about their guns. They’ve got this gun and that gun and a scope for this gun and a whatnot thingamabob for that one. Then they pivot and start talking about what they’d do if the police ever came to their house and asked to take their guns.

“I won’t live in tyranny!”

“You’re saying you’d shoot them if they came to your door?”

“Dang right!”

Then they put on YouTube and start watching heavily edited riot videos and working themselves up into a murderous rage. They conveniently ignore that it’s white police officers in disguise throwing bombs at houses. Conservatives don’t care about the truth because they’re racists and at the root of everything they just want to slaughter black people with their AR-15s.

It is a historical fact . . . that law enforcement frequently infiltrates progressive political movements using agent provocateurs who urge others to engage in violence. It is also a historical fact that, more rarely, such provocateurs commit acts of violence themselves

It escapes me why the authors of that paragraph use the word “rarely” at the end. The whole point of their article is to demonstrate how infrequently law enforcement and the media take seriously how often police forces are guilty of inciting violence at peaceful protests. This is something that should be prominent in every legal proceeding related to any form of civil unrest.

Somebody needs to stand up and say, “It’s a well known fact that our police forces frequently engage in activities either to commit acts of violence themselves, or urge others to do so.”

The police create kill boxes. They escalate the violence. Does “defund the police” still seem like a bad idea to you fools? Why are we using tax dollars to fund groups that run around inflicting violence on our communities? Why won’t the media cover this? This seems like pretty big news. Every single time there is a riot, some journalist should be investigating whether or not there was any covert police instigation of violence.

But nobody cares.

The Supreme Court wants more guns

Even with the tragic loss of life that came with the Rittenhouse incident, the Supreme Court is looking to make it easier for citizens to carry guns around.

Faced with the question “does the constitutional right to possess a gun extend outside the home?” the majority of the Supreme Court appears to be heading toward the answer “yes.”

On Nov. 3, 2012, justices heard oral arguments over New York’s restrictions on the carrying of firearms in public. Supreme Court watchers reported that conservative justices — who make up the bulk of the court — appeared to be of the view that the state’s laws contravene individuals’ right to self-defense outside of their own property

Morgan Marietta

At what point will the right to life be part of the question? That’s in the Constitution too! These absolute morons with nothing to lose and a couple hundred bucks in their pocket are free to run around with military grade weapons. What about MY right to live?

Even if these losers don’t intentionally want to kill me, there’s a high chance I’ll be hit by a stray bullet. It’s like bringing an alligator to preschool and then being shocked when a child gets eaten.

If there wasn’t an alligator at the preschool, the alligator couldn’t have eaten anyone.

Why do I have to trust that a person is going to handle his alligator responsibly? What part of living in American society provides an indication that gun owners are responsible? They don’t take vaccines, they don’t believe the Earth is a sphere, they think JFK Jr. isn’t dead and is planning on being Trump’s running mate in 2024.

These people are unhinged! I don’t want them toting military grade weapons around! Why is that so hard to understand?

There need to be consequences for loss of life

The self-defense argument is so broad, and brainwashing tactics are so effective, that it might actually work in the Rittenhouse case.

Another factor is that Americans are flat out stupid and half of them (or more) are flat out racist. We all need to recognize the fact that there are millions of hostile white people in this country who are looking for any excuse to take to the street to shoot black people. That’s the reality of the United States. That needs to be acknowledged in the media, in politics, and in schools.

Deceitful white supremacists will try to frame the narrative as a person’s right (they’ll ignore race when they talk about it), to defend himself/herself (they’ll ignore who incited the violence), and try to make fearful suburban housewives think a guilty verdict represents an assault on their ability to protect their children.

The argument of whether people have a right to walk around our streets without the threat of being shot will never even be mentioned. But here’s the wild card that, in my opinion, might hurt the defense.

Though Rittenhouse and all three men he shot are white, many people saw racism at the heart of Kenosha — an armed white teen, welcomed by police to a city where activists were rallying against a white officer’s shooting of a Black man, and allowed to walk past a police line immediately after shooting three people — In Kyle Rittenhouse case, Americans see what they want to see.

Did you catch that? The dead people are white. If you don’t think that makes a difference then you’re delusional. I’m not saying it’s right, in fact, I think it’s utterly and completely wrong. But that is the reality of our racist nation. The defense needs to mention the race of the victims again and again and again.

Here’s what I’ve learned about white supremacists over the years, at the end of the day, they don’t care if the dead people are white or black. They don’t care if they are innocent or if they are rioters. They don’t care if they are police officers or private citizens.

White supremacists just want to see Americans dead. They want to pick up their military grade weapons they got at the local sporting goods store and slaughter as many people as possible because they get off on it. They get off on the fantasy, and when the fantasy stops getting them off, they do it in real life.

Why doesn’t the political left use that argument to terrify cowardly suburban housewives to vote the way they want them to? It’s actually something to be afraid of! Why doesn’t anyone hammer home the real threat of these white supremacist psychopaths that have such an influence on our society?

If something is going to kill you in America, it’s going to be them!

How about if we try to make our streets safe?

There’s just a blatant disregard for human life in the United States of America. The important questions don’t even enter the conversation. The lawyers and the media pick and choose the parts of the Constitution they care about, and completely disregard the segments that give us the right to life and liberty.

When people end up dead, we need to do something about it. The tradition of having enraged private citizens pick up their guns and take to the streets to engage in violence and death does not have a positive historical precedent. Oh, make no mistake, it’s happened before. It’s part of the history the right doesn’t want taught.

Ultimately, we determine the direction our society takes in the voting booth and in court. We should not tolerate the idea that people can pick up their guns and walk around killing each other. That concept is offensive. The people who think that’s acceptable are despicable human beings. This isn’t the Middle Ages. The people out there who vote because of fear, are voting the wrong way. They’re voting to make the world more dangerous. They’re voting to put the lives of their children at risk.

If you kill people, there have to be consequences, otherwise more people will die. Why isn’t anyone pushing that message? If you don’t make an example when a life is lost, the armed psychopaths in our society will become emboldened. Right now their fear is the only thing keeping them at home. Bit by bit, our courts and the political right are wiping that fear away.

Every day, it gets more likely that you’ll be shot by a lunatic in the United States. That should bother you. That should bother everyone. But the people who live in gated communities with their own private police forces just don’t take it seriously. They’re too dumb to recognize, sooner or later the white supremacists will come for them too.

This is the problem that should be keeping you up at night. White supremacists want to kill you, and a large number of your fellow Americans are urging them to take to the street with military grade weapons.

No Two Sides To the Holocaust Means No Two Sides to Slavery, Right?

The recent outrage over both-siderism should apply to Black people too

Since the summer, White people, mostly conservatives, have been rampaging against Critical Race Theory. They made the argument that America’s children should not learn about the ills of slavery, Jim Crow, or systemic racism. Many White people insisted a critical look at these structures would make White children feel uncomfortable. It’s funny how these same critics never seemed concerned with how Whites-only history makes Black children feel.

But, when audio from a Southlake school district meeting in Texas revealed that the new laws require teachers to provide “both-sides” to controversial issues without showing a preference for one or the other, liberal White people just about lost it.

‘Just try to remember the concepts of [House Bill] 3979,”’Peddy could be heard saying on tape, according to NBC News. ‘And make sure that if you have a book on the Holocaust, that you have one that has an opposing, that has other perspectives.’


You could hear the stress and anguish in the teachers’ voices as they responded to the news — that they would have to provide books or resources that provide “an opposing” view to the Holocaust. Teachers couldn’t imagine two sides to the Holocaust because, of course, the tragedy is inexcusable and undeniable.

But, I can’t help but see the irony in White people rejecting both-siderism when it comes to the Holocaust, but not slavery. But, seriously, where was this outrage all summer long when Black scholars were defending attacks on “critical race theory?”

White teachers should have risen up then, and to be fair, some did. Still, the outrage has never been as concise as when it provided a non-Black example of both-siderism. It’s only now that they seem united in their disapproval. That’s because even amongst sensible, left-leaning White folks, there is an undercurrent of racism that makes other marginalized groups more important than Black people. Black perspectives don’t seem to matter as long as White people don’t feel uncomfortable.

Millions of Jewish people lost their lives because of anti-semitism, and White people enslaved millions of Black people, killing and torturing many. So, the bottom line is — why is it so easy for White people to understand there are no two sides to the Holocaust without also equally conceding there are no two sides to slavery?

Simply put, marginalized groups are not treated equally, and more often than not, Black people find themselves at the bottom of the totem pole. Too often, school curriculum relies almost solely on White people’s accomplishments while hiding anything that exposes their slave-owning, humanity disregarding, bigoted behaviors.

For instance, elementary school teachers will often have children draw or color pictures of Christopher Columbus, even though he was a known rapist and murderer. It’s as if Black and Indigenous lives don’t matter to White people because when it comes to fighting over what children should learn in history class, preference is always given to the colonizer’s side of things.

“Columbus kidnapped and enslaved more than a thousand people in Hispaniola.” Tell me, White folks, are there two sides to what he did, or can we only show disdain for Nazis’ treatment of Jews? It’s frustrating to see only certain types of European people condemned for bigotry while others are praised and called heroes. But, seriously, what is the other side to this other than racism, greed, and corruption? And also, history is filled with stories of White people who actually fought against bigotry, so it seems ridiculous that we keep celebrating the ones who choose cruelty. They know what they’re doing.

Two Americans, Issac Franklin and John Armfield, were two of the most wealthy slave owners in American history. They bought and sold more African slaves than any other White men in American history. Essentially, “they created a modern machinery to support the business of human trafficking.”

Both Franklin and Armfield bragged about abusing and raping African slaves. So tell me White folks, should we read about their side of the story and acknowledge the pleasure they experienced from owning and abusing people? Or can we just be adults about it and safely say that there were no two sides to human trafficking?

We can’t really complain that there are no two sides to the Holocaust without acknowledging the hypocrisy of American history classes, which has long shown the “other side of slavery.” We got here to a place where Jewish people’s experiences are undermined in Texas classrooms because White people couldn’t care less when it was happening to Black folks. If we fix how we teach the Holocaust, then we need to address how we teach about slavery and the genocide of Indigenous people in America.

Within moments of the audio released that exposes the both-side fallacy of the Southlakes’ school board meeting, White folks (mostly liberals) railed against the injustice of teaching two sides to the Holocaust. They are right. No matter how anyone tries to twist it, the Holocaust was an undeniable tragedy and we should do everything in our power to ensure Jewish people never feel the threat of anti-semitism again. However, I can’t help but think it would be nice if we lived in a world where White folks also acknowledged there were no two sides to slavery and fought for a critical evaluation of the role slavery played in America’s founding and its current social structures.

No group of people’s suffering is greater than another. And my goal is not to diminish the experiences of Jewish people. However, by failing to fight for a history that tells the truth about America’s sins, White folks are like the pot calling the kettle black. I don’t know who needs to hear this, but if there are no two sides to the Holocaust, there are no two sides to slavery, Jim Crow, or anti-Black racism either.