2019: A Year & A Decade In Review

Wow! I cannot believe that in a few short hours that this year and this decade will be coming to a close. I know that I have been neglecting on posting and updating on this blog in the results of that is because my computer was seven years old and running extremely slow and sometimes completely unresponsive so I got myself a new computer so I will be back on my game with posting on this blog.

This blog post is going to be discussing pretty much all of my memories over the past decade to the best of my recollection and just my highs and lows over the past year and over the past decade. So I apologize in advance if this blog post is on the longer side.


I turned 20 years old and that year I really started studying because I knew that I was graduating the following June 2011 and I was planning on going for my GED. I went on a tour of the College Experience Program through the College of Saint Rose in Albany, New York.


I turned 21 and I Took my GED and I passed including the math part which I am not strong at all whatsoever. Also in June of this year are you graduated from Wildwood programs and that August I went to college.


This year was a rough year because I had major surgery in December and then 10 days after my surgery while I was still recovering I received news that my great grandmother who was 99 years old passed away. My favorite memory of her Will always be that even though she did have dementia she always managed to remember me… Why because of my red hair.


This year was a great year because I had graduated from college and moved into my very first apartment. And then on December 10 of this year my boyfriend and I became a couple.

A family friend and I on my graduation day.


I was able to see my cousin marry the love of her life.

Me and my cousin


I went to another cousins wedding.


My cousin welcomed a beautiful baby boy.

My cousin who was born in 2017

Attended yet another cousins wedding. And admittedly I started getting wedding fever.

My cousin and her husband


I crocheted a giant blanket for one of my aunts for Christmas.

The giant blanket


This past Fourth of July I was honored to be asked by my father to work for him on the Fourth of July down at the fireworks.

My father and I.

This year I started to get into cooking and being healthier. And really wanted to focus on strengthening my relationship with my parents by going apple picking and the balloon fest.

Well that is my decade in review. Happy New Year, 2020!

Until next time,

Irish Queen

Feeling Fed Up

Hello there readers,

Please let me speak up about something that has been really seriously angering me. Mind you I am not having a pity party. 

Of ALL the issues from all those who are running for president I have yet to hear anything about what they are going to do for the people who live with a disability & have to rely on service coordinators & services to live a decent life.

Services that people with disabilities‬ ‪like myself rely are benefits like SNAP, HEAP, SSI, and benefit health system (which in my opinion makes it really difficult for me a lot of the time). I just have a hard time getting my meds because the pharmacy CANNOT fill it until I am completely out of my meds which causes me to be anxious and stressed out.

And something that ties into this is 30 years ago next year a bill was signed into law— the bill I am talking about is the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)‬ I have yet to hear anything from the candidates about helping people with disabilities. And no mention of this historic nature of this bill, either.

I want to work but applying for jobs has almost ‬‪become a waste of my time (I feel) and now hearing what DT (he deserves no respect from me) is doing to those who rely on SNAP (like myself) to live is taking money away from children who need it because he decided to balloon the deficit with his trips to Mar-A- Largo and reckless disregard for the law.

DT’s change to SNAP requirements makes it difficult because I have been trying to get a job however I cannot seem to get either a job interview, or hired for that matter and the 20 hours a week is unfair because I have been trying but it is easier said than done.

I don’t know what I have to do to live a decent life because I have tried to get a job and so far I have had no luck.