Getting Active August– Monthlong Post

I know that I have been slacking I have been meaning to post sooner but I have been having serious case of WRITER’S BLOCK. But allow me to get candid for a moment. This is just the beginning of a new chapter for me because I admit that I am very overweight and I need to lose a bit of weight for health purposes.

I am posting this on here so that there is a little bit of accountability, and so I can share my highs and lows, and share this uphill battle with you – my valued readers. I will be posting other posts to my blog as well but this will be my first “series” post that I will continue posting to.

After August is over I will do another post to follow this so that you can follow my progress each month, updated weekly.

I will post an update to this post weekly talking about how I feel and an update photo, what I like and what I slacked on, etc. I will also post what I did food wise, exercise, etc. below is my starting photos so that you can see the changes.

Starting Out

August 1– I am going to commit myself to a 30 day workout challenge starting today. I already shared my starting photos. Here I am just stating some housekeeping facts: starting stats, and goals.

I currently don’t have a scale but I am planning on getting one in the very near future.

Starting stats

  • Age: 29 years old
  • Height: 5’6
  • Starting weight: 191 lbs. (drs. office scale)
  • Health issues: high blood pressure
  • Shirt size: M/L
  • Pants: 14

Thank you for following along on this journey. Below are where I want to get to.


  • Goal weight: 140- 145 lbs
  • Health issues: no High Blood Pressure
  • Shirt size: M-L (depending on the maker
  • Pants: 8 to 10

Exercise Plan

Below I have posted my exercise plan for the month of August.

I will be back to add to this post next Wednesday…

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