Happy Anniversary: An Open Letter To My Love

As I sit here I am still in awe and disbelief that today we celebrate our 5 year anniversary, it has honestly been awe-inspiring, & I have never looked back once since we started on this beautifully crazy adventure together and I hope that we can continue to enjoy this wild ride together for much longer. Over these past 5 years you have become much more than just my rock, or my partner in crime, or my better half, you are such a blessing to every life you touch.

Sitting here thinking & reflecting on our time together I honestly cannot recall if I have ever smiled as much as I have or laughed louder than I have with you. I love your uncanny sense of timing. Whether it is with a joke when I am in need of a laugh (sometimes you just keep it going until I am gasping for air), a perfect bear hug when my world was falling apart, asking me if I needed anything, or just simply saying something sweet making me love you more than I thought I ever could. When I get hard on myself, you are always quick to remind me about all the positive things that you see in me.

I love it when we just sit there in the silence not really saying much of anything, just enjoying each others company. I love that you call me just wanting to hear my voice and/or text me every day when you get out of work letting me know that you are thinking of me, especially after a long day at work, and how we talk about our days and what happened during the day. I remember how we met and our story is a pretty simple thing.

Well, we met when you were my tour guide for CEP (College Experience Program- a program that gives those with disabilities the opportunity to attend college). Then we went our separate ways, but I never stopped thinking about you and the following year our paths crossed once again when I moved into my dorm. Then the during next two years we got to be really good friends. Then you helped me move into my apartment and then last year you helped me with the house and then helped me move in.

What I really love about you is how knowledgeable you are when it comes to movies, video games, and music because seeing the twinkle in your eye when I ask you to unload your vast knowledge about something related to one of those topics I see how excited you become. I love that you come to ask me about tech products and other things make me feel empowered and excited. 

The most fun I have is when I turn on some music, and we just start singing or dancing. Not really worried about anything. What really took me by surprise recently is that I never knew about your love of history and learning about history.

With every passing year that we are together the more, I feel blessed to call you mine. I cannot stop thinking about all the fun we have together. I look forward to many more years of laughter and good times with you. I love you.

Irish Queen

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