My Thoughts

I have been slacking on my posting… shame on me. I need to get better about posting here on my blog because I have so much to share with the world and the fact that I am slacking on that is only being detrimental to my hope of educating the world about my gift. 

I have been so busy but I definitely need to stop making excuses and get to posting (haha) and share my story and give you a glimpse into my life.

I had an internship from November of last year and while I was there they kept giving me hope that maybe there would be a potential for it to turn into a job, and at about the same time I was taking care of my aunt who had double knee replacement surgery however while I was still taking care of my aunt the business that I was interning at called me in for a meeting and they said that it would not become a job and so I left at the end of March of this year and since then I have not been doing much of anything.

I admit that looking for a job has been extremely testing and frustrating and there have been getting upset and unmotivated at times, I have applied to many jobs (honestly I think I lost count) and I have yet to have an interview I am starting to get really annoyed because I think that a lot of people can’t look past the fact that I have a disability. 

All my life I have fought and struggled to not to let my disability define who I am but now, even more, when I am looking and applying for jobs I feel that employers are not looking at how talented and gifted I am or the gifts that I can bring to the table, instead they see my disability, not the person who is standing in front of them.

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my loved ones and I ate a little bit too much of the amazingly good food. Here is are the pictures

I finally finished a big project and I have added a couple of pictures. It took me longer than I had initially planned and these are two different pictures of this blanket that I crocheted.

Hopefully, my next post will come much sooner. I promise that it will. Because I am getting to the point where I am becoming more outspoken.

Until then take care,

Irish Queen